Our delicious creamy tomato soup features fresh basil and succulent mouth watering meatballs simmered in the soup for added flavor and texture.

the kitchen

Our new chef Ian is in the kitchen every morning whipping up a brand new soup recipe every month! Come on down to see when he's making today.

special offers

This month, we are offering a free bowl of soup for anyone donating 5 cans of soup to the Oregon Food Bank.

Just drop them off inside our large bins in our store and we'll give you a free bowl of soup of your choice!

Sweet deal yeah?


Not a meat eater huh?

Have no fear. We here at the Soup Kitchen respect your lifestyle and offer you a wide variety of delicious soup made with only the freshest and organic veggies and legumes.

We take pride in our freshness.

We literally just go out back and pluck the veggies out of the ground every morning and turn them into a savory soup.

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Want to become our friend? Well come join us at the friends table via Facebook and Twitter and you can do just that.

We often have exclusive deals to only Twitter users and some exclusivly for Facebook users so why not follow us on both and get a great deal!

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